Department of Design Planning

Design Studies Lab

The Design Studies Lab is the only institution in Korea devoted entirely to design studies. As a cradle of consilient design studies for design culture scholars, critics, historians, theorists, and educators, the Design Studies Lab has produced numerous publications based on its unrivaled professional research capability. It focuses on training students to develop their research skills through both theory and practice. In particular, its Online Education Media course, which will be beefed up starting.

  • Faculty

    Cho Hyun-Shin

    Lee Ji-Won

    Sung Jae-Hyouk
  • Required Courses for Majors
    Design Research and CritiqueⅠ
    Design Research and CritiqueⅡ
    General Design EducationⅠ
    General Design EducationⅡ

    Studio Courses
    Portfolio WorkshopⅠ
    Portfolio WorkshopⅡ
    Korean DesignⅠ
    Korean DesignⅡ
    Advertising Ideas and Expression Ⅰ
    Advertising Ideas and Expression Ⅱ
  • Lab Courses for Majors
    Design and Futurology
    Design and Korean Studies
    Design Policy and Management
    History of Western Design
    History of Korean Design
    Oriental Aesthetics and Design
    Comparative Study of World Designs
    Modern Culture Theory
    Media and Design
    Online Design Education
    Online Education Media

    Studio Courses
    Design Curating and Journalism
    Design Education Workshop
    Modern Design Issue Colloquium