Department of Design Planning

New Media Advertising Lab

With the emergence of new media, advancement of technology, and evolution of marketing communication, the realm of advertising has expanded rapidly. In response, the New Media Advertising Lab aims to enhance students’ capacity to create advertising designs that are comprehensive, convergent, and creative enough to adapt to this new environment

  • Faculty

    Byun Choo-Suk

    Lee Ji-Won
  • Required Courses for Majors
    Thesis Ⅰ
    Thesis Ⅱ
    Design Research and Critique Ⅰ
    Design Research and Critique Ⅱ
    General Design Education Ⅰ
    General Design Education Ⅱ

    Studio Courses
    Portfolio Workshop I
    Portfolio Workshop II
    Design Criticism Workshop I
    Design Criticism Workshop II
    Advertising Idea Creation and Expression I
    Advertising Idea Creation and Expression II
  • Lab Courses for Majors
    Advertising Design
    Creative Strategy for New Media Advertising
    Advertising Campaign Strategy
    New Media Advertising Technology
    Integrated Marketing Communication

    Studio Courses
    Advertising Campaign Studio I
    Advertising Campaign Studio II
    Advertising Campaign Studio Ⅲ
    Advertising Campaign Project I
    Advertising Campaign Project II
    Advertising Campaign Project III