Department of Spatial Lifestyle design

Culture Lab

The future asks us, “What will we do and how will we connect?” Created in this era of infinite possibilities yet great uncertainty, the Culture Design Lab is an integrated course that combines design, art, communication, cultural heritage, and management to provide students with the opportunity to develop the cultural mindset and acquire the knowledge demanded of our future leaders

  • Faculty

    Byun Choo-Suk

    트랙 책임교수
    Lee Sang-Hae
    Yoo Jin-Ryong
    Kim Kai-Chun

    Lee Hae-Kyoung
    Lee Chan
  • Lab Structure
    TRACK 1. Culture and Heritage Design

    Culture and heritage are two pillars of design. Recognizing this, this program examines the designs of the past, steeped in culture and heritage, to explore the designs of the future.

    TRACK 2. Community Design

    This program focuses on producing talented designers equipped with theoretical and practical knowledge and the capacity to conduct creative experiments and pursue, through interdisciplinary academic convergence, the creation and management of a 21st-century creative community.

    TRACK 3. DeArt and Management

    This program aims to develop design-oriented artistic thinking and produce leaders capable of ushering in a new era based on a cultural management approach..
  • Lab Courses for Majors
    Research on Cultural Sites
    Oriental Culture and Design
    Design Trends in East Asia
    Management of Cities and Culture
    Creative City and Art
    Community Culture Design
    Design Management
    History of Design, Art, and Culture
    Philosophy of Art in the East and West
    Studio Courses
    Fieldwork Seminar 1, 2, 3, and 4
    Korean Culture and Art 1 and 2
    Oriental Culture and Art 1 and 2
    Western Culture and Art 1 and 2
    Seminar on Cultural Research 1 and 2