Department of Visual Communication Design

Brand Design Lab

The goal of the Brand Lab is to produce advanced designers in the area of brand identity and give them a strong sense of social responsibility through participation in diverse field-oriented practical education projects, carried out in partnership with businesses, social enterprises, and small and venture businesses.

  • Faculty

    Kim Min

    Paik Han-Soo
    Park Yun-Jung
    Jun Hye-Sun
  • Required Courses for Majors
    Fieldwork I
    Fieldwork II
    Fieldwork III
    Fieldwork IV
    Design Management I
    Design Management II
    Design Rights I
    Design Rights II
    Open Research I
    Open Research II
    Thesis I
    Thesis II
    Studio Courses
    Capstone Design I
    Capstone Design II
    Capstone Design III
    Capstone Design IV
    Storytelling I
    Storytelling II
  • Lab Courses for Majors
    Digital Fonts I
    Digital Fonts II
    Studio Courses
    Brand Identity Design I
    Brand Identity Design II
    Plastic Art I
    Plastic Art II