Department of Architecture Design

Creative Interior Architecture Design Lab

The Creative Interior and Architectural Design Lab prioritizes creativity-based design education while focusing on solving problems related to innovative spatial design based on an integrated curriculum. Equipped with a future-oriented educational system—rather than a traditional one—that stresses creativity in spatial design, the Creative Interior and Architectural Design Lab strives to produce talented professionals based on its unrivaled educational environment.

  • Faculty

    Yoon Jae-Eun

    Yoon Sung-Ho
  • Required Courses for Majors
    Required Courses for Majors and Studio
    The required courses for majors are the same as those in other labs in the Department of Architectural Design, including the Smart Space Lab, Architectural Design Lab, and Future Form Finding Lab..
  • Lab Courses for Majors
    Creative Interior Space Theory
    New Materials and Construction
    Creative Spatial Art Theory
    Creative Cyber Space
    Interior Architecture Theory
    Creative Information Architecture Design Management
    Spatial Philosophy
    History of Interior Architecture
    Avant-garde Space Project
    Creative Exhibition Planning
    Interactive Digital I.A.
    Creative VMD
    Research on Modern Interior Architecture
    Studio Courses
    Creative Interior Design Studio I
    Creative Interior Design Studio II
    Advanced Interior Design Studio I
    Advanced Interior Design Studio II