Department of Architectural Design

Architecture Design Lab

The Architectural Design Lab is an M.Arc (Master of Architecture) program designed to hone the international competitive edge of students in the area of architectural design and develop innovative concepts and theories through creative, world-class design planning and research on cities and architecture. It also aims to produce professional architects equipped with a high capacity for creative design and knowledge in architecture design theory, creative design methodology, theory and criticism in architecture design, compound architecture modeling, and innovative space theory.

  • Faculty

    Seo Jang-Hoo

    Kim Jo-Eun
    Kim Yong-Seong
    Lee Haeng-Woo
  • Required Courses for Majors
    Required Courses for Majors and Studio
    The required courses for majors are the same as those in other labs in the Department of Architectural Design, including the Smart Space Lab, Creative Interior and Architectural Design Lab, and Future Form Finding Lab
    Courses for Majors
    Understanding of Architecture
    Structural Mechanics
    Architectural Facilities
    Building Construction
    Reinforced Concrete Structures
    Eco-friendly Architecture
    Architectural Building Systems and Materials
    Architectural Law
    Modern Architectural Theory

    Environmental Systems in Architecture
    Architectural Design Theory
    Research on Architectural Design I
    Research on Architectural Design II
    Architectural Research Seminar I
    Architectural Theory and Criticism I
    Architectural Theory and Criticism II
    Digital Architecture
    Well-Formed Space Planning
    Urban Planning I

    Urban Planning II
    Digital Modeling I
    Digital Modeling II
    Architectural Aesthetics
    Architectural Structures
    Building Systems
    Well-Formed Space Methodology
    Urban Complex Planning

    Studio Courses
    Architectural Design 411
    Architectural Design 412
    Architectural Design 511
    Architectural Design 531
    Architectural Design 551
    Architectural Design 571
    Compound Architecture-
    Design Studio
    Space Design Studio
    Creative Design Theory and
    Methodology Studio
    Innovative Architecture Design Studio