Department of VR Design

Bio Medical Design Lab

With the rapid changes in industry, there is a growing demand for new design-related jobs in the field of industrial design. In response to this demand, the Biomedical Design Lab aims to produce medical design professionals who will lead the creative economy through the organic integration of design with the field of healthcare, which has been promoted as a strategic future industry by the Korean government.

  • Faculty

    Chung Do-Sung

    Kim Kwan-Bae
  • Required Courses for Majors
    First Semester
    Thesis I
    Thesis II
    VR Design I
    VR Interactive Design
    VR Device R&D Practice
    VR System Analysis and Design Theory
    VR Plastic Image
    Design Rights and Policy Seminar
    Innovation Timeline and Design
    3D Real-Time Design Techniques
    VR Design Seminar
    VR Device Design
    Open-source Design Practice
    VR Design Innovation Seminar
    First Semester
    Thesis I
    Thesis II
    Design Planning and Entrepreneurship
    Design and Ethics
    Parametric Design
    Advanced Capstone Design
    VR Design for Medical Facilities
    VR Body Data-Utilized Design
    VR Content Design
    Stereo Design
    Hologram Design
    VR Design II
    VR Rendering Techniques
  • Required Studio Courses for Majors
    First Semester
    Open-source Program Practice I
    VR Sensor Techniques I
    Second Semester
    Physics Engine Implementation Techniques
    Open-source Program Practice II
    VR Sensor Techniques II
    Lab Studio Courses
    First Semester
    Development and Assessment of the Healthcare Industry
    Structure of and Laws Related to Medical Devices
    Application of Healthcare Design
    Medical Equipment Design Practice
    Biomedical Design I
    Second Semester
    Human Body and Structure
    Healthcare Economy
    Medical Factor Analysis
    Emergency Medical Product Design
    Medical Service System Design
    Biomedical Design II