Department of Smart Experience Design

Interaction Design Lab

The Interaction Design Lab focuses on understanding humans in terms of psychology, cultural anthropology, and cognitive and human engineering and exploring the interactions among humans, humans and objects, and objects and objects in order to enable students to apply the knowledge thus gained to business design, UX design, and service design, thereby contributing to industrial and social change. As it aims to be an open lab, the Interaction Design Lab has established many cooperative networks, spanning nations throughout Asia, including Korea. It also maintains cooperative relationships with the businesses it has worked with in the past, even on only one-off projects. The lab makes diverse efforts to conduct research in new areas and carries out research and projects at home and abroad so as to enable students to enhance their problem-solving skills. Since 1999, the graduates of the Interaction Design Lab have been active in the areas of UX and service design and secured positions at companies, schools, and public offices in Korea, China, and Japan.

  • Faculty

    Pan Young-Hwan

    Kim Sung-Woo
    Ghim Yahn-Shu
    Yeoun Myeong-Heum
    Joo Jae-Woo
    Heo Jeong-Yun
  • Required Courses for Majors
    User Research I
    User Research II
    Technology and Design
    Convergence Design I
    Convergence Design II

    Studio Courses
    Design for Experience Studio I
    Design for Experience Studio II
    Business Design Studio I
    Business Design Studio II
  • Lab Courses for Majors
    Human Research
    UX Design
    Interaction Design I
    Interaction Design II
    Information Design I
    Information Design II
    Service Design I
    Service Design II
    Interaction Design Seminar

    Studio Courses
    Interaction Design Studio I
    Interaction Design Studio II
    Information Design Studio I
    Information Design Studio II
    Service Design Studio I
    Service Design Studio II