Department of Smart Experience Design

Product-Service System Design Lab

This lab addresses the product-service system, which integrates products and services, with the aim of providing students with the capacity to understand tangible products and intangible services as a whole, and create designs in this area. Students will enhance their working-level competence by conducting research on service/UX design, design methodology, and design marketing and carrying out diverse projects. The lab is committed to training students to become creative designers with excellent planning skills based on the convergence of design and management as well as professionals with strong design mindsets and experience .

  • Faculty

    Yeoun Myeong-Heum

    Joo Jae-Woo
  • Required Courses for Majors
    User Research I
    User Research II
    Technology and Design
    Convergence Design I
    Convergence Design II

    Studio Courses
    Design for Experience Studio I
    Design for Experience Studio II
    Business Design Studio I
    Business Design Studio II
  • Lab Courses for Majors
    Design Marketing
    Seminar on Design Innovation

    Studio Courses
    Service Product Planning
    Design Startups
    Consumer-based Design Studio
    Product-Service System Design Studio I
    Product-Service System Design Studio II
    Design Survey and Analysis Practice
  • 산학 Project
  • 학회 활동
    -KSDS 발표

  • 랩 생활
    -인터랙션 수업
    -서울로 7017 방문

  • SIT - KMU Design workshop