Department of Smart Experience Design

Design for Unity Lab

The Design for Unity Lab is the first graduate school of design in Korea established with the sole aim of producing professional designers capable of contributing to the peaceful unification of the two Koreas and the establishment of the vision for a unified Korea. The lab is committed to conducting design-related research that has the potential to contribute to the unification and future development of the Korean Peninsula by resolving social conflicts and other problems that have emerged due to the division of the two Koreas and promote the integration of the North and South Korean people. As its name implies, the lab focuses on the theory and methodology of social design with a view to contributing to the integration of two different social groups by overcoming mutual differences, particularly in terms of systems, religion, race, and culture

  • Faculty

    Kim Sung-Woo

    Pan Young-Hwan
    Cho Hyun-Shin
  • Required Courses for Majors
    User Research I
    User Research II

    Studio Courses
    Design for Experience Studio I
    Design for Experience Studio II
    Business Design Studio I
    Business Design Studio II
  • Lab Courses for Majors
    Public Service Design
    Technology and Design for Sociology Minors
    Understanding of Social Design for Unity
    National Politics and Design

    Studio Courses
    Design for Unity Studio I
    Design for Unity Studio II
    Integrated Design Studio I
    Integrated Design Studio II